Meals Made Easy


Kameryn Tanita started Sullivan Street Eats in April 2016.

Growing up, Kameryn's parents were amazing cooks, but Kameryn ate only white food (chicken, white rice, bread). It wasn't until she was 16 that she started eating fruits (minimal) and vegetables.

After college, Kameryn moved to San Francisco. There she met her boyfriend Rob, who changed her perspective on health and wellness. Kameryn began to learn more about the paleo lifestyle and the health benefits that come with it. As she began to eat healthier, she noticed a difference in the way she looked and felt.

In April 2015, Kameryn and Rob moved to New York and downsized into a much smaller (~450 square foot) apartment in SoHo. 

Kameryn and Rob loved cooking in San Francisco, but were surprised that most people in New York rely on take-out and delivery services. For some, cooking in a small apartment without any kitchen space is just too hard. Kameryn decided to make the most with what she had. This led her to create easy, quick-prep recipes that can be accomplished in any size kitchen. She always makes it a priority to cook healthy, affordable meals.

Sullivan Street Eats features mostly paleo, gluten-free and dairy free meal options. No matter the size of your kitchen, Sullivan Street Eats hopes to inspire you to cook and (more importantly), to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.