Meals Made Easy

Hi! I’m Kameryn, a certified Holistic Health Coach, Content Creator and Recipe Developer.

I grew up in a family that loved to cook. My mom was a mini Martha Stewart and my dad grew up on a produce farm in Phoenix, AZ. While my family appreciated home-cooked food, I was the pickiest eater. If fruits and vegetables were at the kitchen table, I had to sit somewhere else. My diet for 20 years consisted of chicken, Japanese white rice, bread and bread.

It wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco in 2014 and met my fiance that I started broadening my horizons. Rob helped me appreciate the quality of seasonal ingredients and whole foods.

I had a whole new appreciation and taste for foods. When we moved to New York in 2015, we made it a priority to cook all of our meals, as both a way to save money and to know exactly what was going into our food. By cooking all of our meals together, I started to feel great, and I realized that food is medicine.

I started Sullivan Street Eats to inspire other people. If I can change after 20 years I know it’s possible for others to start making small changes in their lifestyle that can have a larger impact on their health.

I’d love to chat more!